Killed by exozyme

A parody of Killed by Google.

Pi-hole: 2021-04-05 to 2021-04-05 Purged because it doesn't get along well with dnsmasq.

Shlink: 2021-05-27 to 2021-05-27 URL shortners suck.

KeyCloak: 2021-07-23 to 2021-07-31 Back in the day, you had to make an account on each different exozyme service! Can you even believe that? KeyCloak was our first step out of that hell, but its absurd RAM usage caused us to jump ship and use OpenLDAP instead, which gave me hell for three days while setting it up.

MediaWiki: 2021-05-10 to 2021-08-21 Hosted at, this was our original wiki. Since it contained exactly one article and was an annoying PHP app (as they all are) to maintain, we copied the article over to the fledgling wiki of our main exogit repository and discontinued the old wiki.

Transmission: 2021-07-09 to 2021-09-01 A web torrent client so you can pirate everything to your heart's desire. Yeah, I don't want our ISP to cut off our internet, so nope. Use exovpn.

noVNC: 2021-06-20 to 2021-09-04 Web-based VNC client, murdered for being crappier than xrdp.

Docker: 2021-03-26 to 2021-09-13 Docker sucks, Podman rules!

Portainer: 2021-05-09 to 2021-09-13 Stupidly depends on Docker. Also kinda useless because CLIs are just better.

X2Go: 2021-04-08 to 2021-09-16 A cool remote desktop software, but xrdp is awesomer (is that even a word?).

MinIO: 2021-09-26 to 2021-10-11 I don't even know what this is, but it apparently has nothing to do with Minions.

IPFS: 2021-08-19 to 2021-11-18 Decentralized network will cool ideas and atrocious performance. (Check out Yggdrasil!)

CoCalc: 2021-09-06 to 2021-12-01 A great crappy piece of software. Murdered by JupyterHub.

Prometheus: 2021-06-28 to 2021-12-10 I actually don't know what Prometheus is used for, but I think it's also for server monitoring and has a cool name. However, that didn't justify having it installed so we got rid of it after we discovered it was still on the server for some reason.

Grafana: 2021-04-28 to 2021-12-26 Grafana is a beautiful dashboard and data visualization software. But, it comes at a huge cost: it's also over 300MB, so we discontinued it since it solely looked cool without actually being useful.

Zabbix: 2021-04-28 to 2021-12-26 Zabbix is a server monitoring software that we used for identifying when the server was on fire or when someone was evilly mining cryptocurrency. It's also quite heavy (it might even skew your data on super low end hardware!), especially the web frontend, so we replaced it with Performance Co-Pilot.

Drone CI: 2021-08-24 to 2022-01-18 Executed for being proprietary, succeeded by Woodpecker CI after we wrote part of the CI and contributed it upstream since Woodpecker was missing a feature we needed.

The exozyme blog: 2021-04-20 to 2022-02-20 That old blog you never knew even existed until we killed it.

OpenSearch: 2022-02-15 to 2022-02-23 A fork of ElasticSearch which is now under a questionable license, that Mastodon uses for post searching since I guess Mastodon was too incompetent to do it themselves. Purged due to criminally high RAM usage.

Minecraft server: 2021-04-27 to 2022-03-29: Executed for being proprietary. (Minetest is better!) Also Log4j is a thing.

LXC: 2021-04-07 to 2022-04-17 Awesome container software that we never used.

NFS: 2021-05-02 to 2022-05-13 A remote filesystem that also has some security issues since it's just too good for encryption, so yeah, use SFTP instead.

OpenContest: 2022-01-23 to 2022-05-15 A libre server for hosting programming contests, future uncertain.

The exozyme API: 2021-11-22 to 2022-06-25 A Python script with way too many security holes. I'm surprised no one got root by exploiting our API. Or maybe they did and we haven't found out yet...

Collabora Online: 2021-05-04 to 2022-08-11 The surprisingly scary PKGBUILD scared us into uninstalling the package and using Nextcloud's built-in Collabora server instead.

Source code licensed under the APGL because why not.